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Tips and Stories

When You Buy Handmade, You’re Buying the Love and Care and The Goodness That Comes With It.

We were too poor back then. And I couldn’t afford to buy my wife a sewing machine. But she was

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A Father’s Day Gift To You

Father’s Day is coming so we’re giving you a little gift. If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll know that

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A Smol Potato Business

It’s a smol potato business. It’s a business that won’t make you a millionaire. But it’s business that feeds your

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Thank You

It has been a little over a week since Smolpotato was launched. And what an emotional roller coaster. It was

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Tips On Taking Food Photos

Here are some tips from a non-professional photographer who knows a little about photo angles, composition, food styling and editing

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When Smolpotatoes Come Together to Help Each Other

Hi there, welcome to Smolpotato. “What’s this silly site?” I hear you say. Right, let me begin.  Smolpotato is where

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