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How can we help?

How can we help?

User FAQs

What is Smolpotato?

It’s a neighbour-help-neighbour platform where you can buy from, or sell to your neighbours. Why go so far when you can find the same item in your neighbourhood?


By buying from your neighbours, you’re helping families in your community to earn a little extra. You’re also helping to kickstart their business and giving them the confidence they need to grow further.

Register as User

To register an account on Smolpotato, all you need to do is click on the Sign In button and choose Register – User. Once you’re a user on Smolpotato, you can:


  • see seller’s contact details
  • message seller through the private messaging system
  • bookmark listings
  • write reviews
How to browse listings

Browsing listings on Smolpotato is pretty straightforward. You just need to type your location in the search field to see listings near you. Because we’re a neighbourhood platform, the default radius is currently set to 5km around where you live. You can adjust the distance radius located below the search field to browse listings nearer to you.


If you would like to see all the listings in all location, leave the search field empty and tap anywhere outside the search field.

How to order

When you find something you would like to order, click on the listing and send a message to the seller. Communicate with the seller on questions you may have and to arrange for payment and delivery options.

How to reduce single-use plastic

Bring your containers along or swap containers with sellers, and enjoy delicious home-cooked goodness – minus the plastics.


Walk to collect your orders from sellers in your neighbourhood. Treat it as an exercise – it’s good for you!

Ways to contact a seller

You have options to use the private messaging system that Smolpotato provides or you can contact a seller through the Whatsapp button listed on their listing. 


If you use our private messaging system, you will get notified by email when someone sends you a message.

Writing a review

We encourage you to leave a helpful review whether you are happy with your experience or otherwise. Be mindful when leaving a review and give suggestions on how to improve. Help others to improve.

Refund & Return

The refund and return policy is subjected to sellers. Make sure you read the seller’s return policy and communicate this clearly before transaction. Smolpotato does not provide refunds and returns for orders made between buyers and sellers.

Reporting a fraud

If you see listings that could potentially be a fraud or is not ethical, please contact us through the contact form or email us at


If you bought something that was not delivered as promised or if you face any problems with the seller, please let us know so we can take action accordingly.

Delete your account

We hope that you won’t, but if you really want to delete your account, you can do so with a click of a button in your profile.

Seller FAQs

How to register as seller

To sign up as a seller, click on the Sign In button and click on Register tab. Once you’re in the Register tab, you will see two more tabs below – User / Seller. Click on the Seller tab to create a seller account.


If you accidentally created an account as a user, don’t worry. You can easily change role to seller in your profile. The section below explains how to change role from user to seller.


Once you have created a seller account, you can click on the Add Listing button to create your first listing.

Change role to seller

To change role from User to Seller, go to My Account and click on My Profile. Below your Avatar, you will see a switch labelled – Change your role. Click on it and choose seller.



Once you become a seller, you can start to add listings to sell or rent your products. To add a listing, click on the Add a Listing button on the top right corner of the website. Happy listing!

Setting up your profile

A detailed and professional looking profile can boost your sales. Make sure you fill up all the empty fields when creating a profile and set a profile photo that shows your face clearly.

Listing descriptions

Make sure to provide a detailed description of the products or services that you are listing. For example – if you are selling a food item, list down weight, quantity, price and describe what it is or what it tastes like.

Pinning your location (Important)

As a neighbourhood platform, it is super duper important that you enter in your location and pin your location accurately so that we can show your listing to your neighbours. Here’s how you can do that:


  1. Enter in your address or approximate address.
  2. Press enter so that the website catches your location.
  3. If you see on the map that your location is not accurate, move the pin to pin your location accurately.
  4. You know the website has captured your location when you can see it on the map when you preview your listing.
Listing photos

When taking photos for your listing, make sure there is plenty of natural sunlight around. Places near the window would be a great place to start with. Make sure the photos are not blurry or shaky. Taking a few angles would help buyers to visualise your products or service better. Recommended size is 1024 x 1024px.


Make sure your product photos are free of text, logo, labels, watermark or any graphic elements.

Setting a featured image for your listing

When someone shares your listing, the image thumbnail by default is a Smolpotato image. To replace the thumbnail with your own, set a featured image for your listing. Here’s the process:


  1. When you’re logged in, click on My Account
  2. On the drop-down menu, click on My Listings
  3. Click Edit on your listing. Then on one of your images, just click on it. A start icon will show and that means you’ve set your featured image
  4. Click on Preview then click on Save Changes
Ordering process

Smolpotato is not an e-commerce marketplace, no payment of any sort go through us. An interested buyer will contact you either through Whatsapp, private messaging system, or any contact information that you have provided.


Arrangements such as delivery, self-collect, refund or return policy are between you and your buyers only.


It is also useful to know that only signed-in users will be able to see your contact information.

Message notification

When someone sends you a message through our private messaging system, you will receive an email notification. To reply or check for messages, go to Your Account – Messages.

Managing listings

Add a listing

There are four sections that you need to fill up when adding a listing:


  •      Basic Information

What are you selling? Describe that in the title section. Keep it short and sweet. Next steps, pick a category, and choose the features applicable to your products. Type in keywords related to your products that could help shoppers to find you. 


  •      Gallery

We recommend you to upload 4 images, showing different angles of your product.


  •      Details

This is where you write a description of your product, set a price, and provide a WhatsApp contact info (optional).


  •      Location –

Once you set up your location the first time, the next listing you add will fill your location automatically.


Edit/ delete a listing

To edit a listing, log in to your account and click on My Listing on the left tab. Click on the listing that you want to edit and select the pen icon on the right to start editing.


To delete a listing, click on the “X” icon.

Listing limit

We do not limit the number of listing you can add. In fact, we encourage that you add more.


However, if your listing is, for example, a type of food that have a few flavours. It is recommended to consolidate them into one single listing for easy viewing.

Expiration date

The current expiration date for listing is set for 180 days (6 months). However, we may change this to a longer or a shorter period depending on user experience.


Smolpotato is completely free at the moment. We have plans to charge a small monthly fee to sellers in the future. We aim to keep the subscription fee as low as possible so that it is affordable for everyone. No contract – you can always opt-out with no issues.


We also don’t charge sales commission or listing fees.

Prohibited goods (Important)

These are the things that are strictly NOT allowed to list on They are either illegal, unethical, represent some kind of scams or need a license to operate.


  • Drugs of any kind
  • Medicines, supplements, pills
  • Alcohol (unless you have a license)
  • MLM schemes and products
  • Counterfeit goods
  • Pornography – products and services
  • Live animals

Your Questions Are Not Answered?Write to us and let us know how we can help.