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Food & Drinks RM13.00 - RM55.00

100% Real Flower Tea / Coffee Kombucha – Premium Quality by ambre.kl

Subang Olives Residence, Pusat Bandar Subang Jaya, Subang Jaya, Petaling, Selangor, Malaysia

When we started brewing kombucha for the very first time, we wanted to brew something that is inviting for first-timer that has never tried kombucha before. Sweet, tangy, lingering aftertaste, most importantly able to mix and match into other drinks!

Current available selections

  1. Chrysanthemum kombucha : first-timer friendly, mildly fizzy with a refreshing floral note.
  2. Coffee kombucha : Adventurer’s choice on fruity, citrusy flavor, with lingering mouthfeel of cold brew coffee, definitely a fun caffeine kick!
  3. Osmanthus kombucha : Different levels of fermentation and sweetness, avid drinkers will enjoy the layers of flavours in one bottle. (disclaimer : thicker taste than others)
  4. Lemongrass kombucha : Missing Thai? This brings you into Thai spa room that serves you relaxing lemongrass tea after a comfortable massage. (Available in 500ml only)

Ingredients : Premium tea and single origin coffee, filtered water, brown sugar (for fermentation purpose) and time.

Choices : 300ml, 500ml and 1 Litre

Cafe supply and subscriptions are welcome, both whatsapp or insta DM available.



Small Bottle Series (300ml)

  • Taster Combo : 3 flavors in 300ml each

    First-timer-friendly : pack of 3 bottles of kombucha, featuring chrysanthemum kombucha, osmanthus kombucha and coffee kombucha, try out yourself and upgrade to 1L next round!

    RM 33.00
  • Chrysanthemum Kombucha

    Flower series : chrysanthemum - light and sweet

    RM 13.00
  • Osmanthus Kombucha

    Flower series : osmanthus - tangy and thick fermentated texture

    RM 13.00
  • Coffee Kombucha

    Refreshing yet bold flavor, lingering coffee aftertaste

    RM 15.00

Regular Drinker Series (500ml and above)

  • Lemongrass Kombucha (500ml)

    Intense fermentation texture with long aftertaste of osmanthus sweetness. Suitable to mix with soda and some lemon for refreshing tone. Complimentary goji berries as garnish.

    RM 35.00
  • Chrysanthemum kombucha (1L)

    Fermented with premium quality chrysanthemum, this brew brings out the sweetness of the tea and tangy aftertaste. Complimentary goji berries as garnish.

    RM 45.00
  • Osmanthus Kombucha (1L)

    Intense fermentation texture with long aftertaste of osmanthus sweetness. Suitable to mix with soda and some lemon for refreshing tone. Complimentary goji berries as garnish.

    RM 45.00
  • Coffee Kombucha (1L)

    Resembles a coffee cold brew, this brew of coffee kombucha has a balance of coffee body, kombucha sweetness and refreshing acidity. Complimentary fried orange slices as garnish.

    RM 55.00


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  • Tau Min Lim
    July 25, 2021 at 8:37 pm

    As a regular customer, I always reorder from ambre.kl everytime. Their kombucha quality is stable and always satisfying. Seller is really friendly and deliver on time.

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Note – Message Seller To Order

Added By ambre KL

ambre, originated from the word amber the gem. This name idea happens during the tea brewing, while prepping for kombucha fermentation. Observing tea colours seeping into the water, changes colours slowly during the fermentation. Amber-coloured-liquid with full of nutrition value, it’s like drinking a precious gem for our wellness.

and the typo of ambre, is to allow this brewing journey to continue to be an experiment of flavors, have a little fun, a little twist of everything ordinary.

Brewing from different tea base, we have come up to a few flavors that serve different palate preference for the community.

But what’s common between them all are the benefits of tea (anti-inflammatory, provides vital nutrients, improves skin and vision), together with the kombucha’s probiotics that enhances gut health and improves digestion.

Every brew is our gem, and you the lovely kombucha drinkers are our gem too.

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