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BossMi Handmade Healthy Instant Noodles Groceries RM15.00 - RM18.00

Setia Alam, 莎亚南, 雪兰莪州, 40710, Malaysia

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My grandfather started making noodles back in the 1960s in Skudai, Johor. The 1960s was a simpler time. Everyone made their own noodles and they were made with natural ingredients. A first-generation Malaysian having come from Teowchew China, my granddad, who we call Grandpa Char Kueh, set up a noodle stall at Kampung Batu Lapan Setengah to feed the families and workers in the neighbourhood. We’ve kept Grandpa Char Kueh’s recipe all these years, and now his grandchildren are once again doing what Grandpa Char Kueh loved to do – create healthy, mouth-watering, and tummy pleasing noodles to feed entire families.


These noodles are a healthier alternative to instant noodles. Pair it with an egg and some vegetables, and you have a delicious and complete meal for you and the whole family.

Why is it the healthier alternative?

  • It’s air-dried, not fried
  • No boric acid
  • No added MSG but yet, super yummy
  • No artificial flavours
  • No added preservatives or additives
  • Pork & lard free
  • Most importantly, every pack is made with care and love

Our instant noodles are springy and keep their texture after cooking and come in 4 different flavours: Original, Spicy, Extra Spicy, and Sichuan MaLa – for those of you who are extra adventurous.

Busy but want to feed your family? BossMi instant noodles are the healthier alternative.


Buy a pack of four here:




  • Original

    Pack of 4

    RM 15.00
  • Spicy

    Pack of 4

    RM 18.00
  • Extra Spicy

    Pack of 4

    RM 18.00
  • Sichuan MaLa

    Pack of 4

    RM 18.00


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Added By Jovie Chong

Jovie Chong

BossMi is a healthier alternative to meet your instant noodles craving!

*High Eggs Content*
*Single Egg Protein*
*💯Air Dried*
*💯No Boric Acids*
**💯Pork & Lard Free*
*💯No MSG Added*
*💯No Artificial Flavouring Added*
*💯No Preservatives Added*

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