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#kitchenbyRW Strawberry Artisan Confiture Jam Food & Drinks Price RM26.00

Jertih, Besut, Terengganu, 22000, Malaysia

RW stands for Recherché Warehouse, & #kitchenbyRW is obviously meaning that kitchen brought to you by Recherché Warehouse.

We made 100% natural artisan spread, without any additives, only lemon and sugar as natural preservatives.

Our spread is best to eat with bread, yogurt, scone, muffins, salad, steaks, as well as tea, soda and smoothies.

This round, we’re glad to bring you two artisan spreads – Strawberry Confiture & Strawberry Jam.

What’s the difference between Confiture and Jam?

Confiture is spread that contains whole-cut fruits, hence its texture would be runnier compare to jam. Meanwhile, jam represents spread that contains fruit bits or mashed fruits, texture is thicker than confiture.

Ingredients: Cameron Strawberry, Raw Sugar, Lemon

Volume: +/-200ml


Keep in a cool dry place. Keep refrigerated at all times. Best consume within three weeks of opening.





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