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Keto KL Chili Lardy


Ever wonder how a chili sauce made with pork lard would taste like? Wonder no more! This is an original recipe: The luscious render lard gives another dimension to the fiery chili, balanced with just the right amount of natural sweetness from shallots and garlic, and the tang from vinegar and lime. It’s thick without being overly greasy, try it once, and you’ll be addicted for sure.

KL Chili Lardy is great with many things: Pork, Chicken, Beef, Eggs, Fried Rice (Cauli Rice if you are on keto/low carb), Vegetables etc. It also can be used as a cooking base for your stir fry dishes, the possibilities are endless!

Weight: 200g

Storage: Last up to 2 days in room temperature (no direct sunlight) or 2 months refrigerated. Do note that KL Chili Lardy will solidify in the fridge, so do not be alarmed. Always use a clean dry spoon and let it come to room temperature. Simple as that!

* 100%符合生铜饮食的辣椒酱*

有没有想过用猪油制成的辣椒酱会是什么样的味道? 不用多想,今天就买来试试吧!这是个原创品:自家炼的猪油的香气为火辣的辣椒增添了另一种风味,再加上适量的香葱和大蒜的天然甜味以及醋和酸橘来中和。 厚而不腻,尝试一次,您肯定会上瘾。它很百搭,可以拿来配烤肉,鸡翅,牛排,鸡蛋,炒“伪饭”,蔬菜等等。 它也可以用作炒菜的酱料,可能性无穷!


储存:在室温下可持续保存2天或冷藏2个月。 请注意,因为猪油的关系,辣椒酱会在冰箱中凝固。 记得使用干净的汤匙舀出,等其融化,然后再食用。 就那么简单!

Ingredients: Lard oil, Red Chili, Red Chili Padi, Shallot, Garlic, Premium Sugar Free Fish Sauce, Vinegar, Lime Juice.

Macro (One large tablespoon serving)

  • Fat 7.8g
  • Carb 2g
  • –       Fiber 0.3g
  • –       Sugar 0.5g
  • Protein 0.7g
  • Calories 79g



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Kelly Siew

Hi! I'm a Singer by trade and also a Vocal Teacher. I enjoy cooking for my family and friends. I'm selling 2 homemade products: Sous Vide Siew Yoke and KL Chili Lardy. Please feel free to check out my listings!

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