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Your mShop Guide

Introducing Smolpotato 1.1

Smolpotato + mShop = Smolpotato 1.1

Get ready for Smolpotato 2.0, a complete e-commerce platform that we’re launching in July – by being part of Smolpotato 1.1. With Smolpotato 1.1, you can automate your business and save time today. All you have to do is to sign up with mShop. “What’s this mShop?” You might ask.

What is mShop?

mShop is an e-commerce platform (designed for small businesses) built by our new partners (which we’ll introduce to you very soon). In July, mShop and Smolpotato will come together seamlessly as Smolpotato Version 2.0.

What can Smolpotato 1.1 do for you?

With Smolpotato 1.1, we can help you to automate much of your business today – here’s what we can help you with:


    • You can take orders from your customers without going ding dong on WhatsApp.

    • You can easily receive payments without having to share your bank account details, then waiting for a receipt. And best of all, you won’t have to chase for payments.

    • You can easily set up delivery.

    • You can track your orders from start to finish.

    • You’ll have a simple way to track how much you’ve earned.

    • Smolpotato continues to market your products for you.
What are the fees?

We charge a 5% fee for every transaction on mShop. If you prefer to do Cash on Delivery (COD) and don’t want any automation, our platform remains free for you to use.

Ready to get started?

Register for mShop by filling up one of these forms.


Register here if you primarily deliver through delivery services such as Lalamove or Mr.Speedy.



Register here if you primarily deliver through courier services such as DHL or Pos Laju.

What's the difference between option 1 and option 2?

The functionality of your mShop is different when you choose to use delivery or courier services.

If you sell perishable items such as food, opt for OPTION 1 – DELIVERY. Since delivery services such as Lalamove or Mr. Speedy is much more suitable for your business – as they do same-day delivery.

If you sell non-perishables such as earrings, opt for OPTION 2 – COURIER. Since your products are suitable for shipping with courier services such as DHL or Pos Laju.

If your store is set up for delivery, you won’t be able to use courier services. Similarly, if your store is set up for courier, you won’t be able to use delivery services.

If you have any questions, ask away.

What happens after you register?

After you fill up the registration form, you’ll receive an email from mShop with your mShop link in 3-5 working days. Your mShop is now ready for you to populate with your awesome products. If you need help in adding your products into mShop, you can also select that option in the registration form.

How does Smolpotato 1.1 work?

Smolpotato 1.1 is a combination of two different platforms with different functions and features – a temporary solution while we work on Smolpotato 2.0, launching this July.

  • Smolpotato =  Listing & Marketing Channels

Smolpotato is your place to find neighbourhood goodies. We’re a listing platform and we help to promote your goodies to your neighbours.

  • mShop = eCommerce + Delivery Systems

mShop automates ordering, delivery, payment and sales tracking – so you can spend more time selling and making, and less time doing admin. Place your mShop link on your Smolpotato listings (or in your profile section) so you can start automating your business. 

Are you ready to set up your mShop?

We’ve prepared two different guides to help you get started. Pick one that’s relevant to you.


Did you choose the Delivery option when you were registering your mShop? Then this guide is for you.


Did you choose the Courier option when you were registering your mShop? Then this guide is for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to post twice - on mShop and on Smolpotato?

Yes, mShop and Smolpotato are two separate platforms today, so you will have to place your products on two different platforms. But you only have to do this exercise once for your existing products, and the work that you do here today will be automatically migrated to Smolpotato 2.0 in July.

Do I have to place my mShop link on all my Smolpotato product listings?

It’s best to include an mShop link at the bottom of all your existing and future product listings. But if you have many products listed on Smolpotato, we recommend that you share your mShop link on your Smolpotato profile, under the Website section – so you won’t have to update every single one of your listings. And if customers still don’t see your link, and are asking for payment details, you can directly message them your mShop link.

Will my mShop link be different when Smolpotato 2.0 is here?

Yes. But even with a new shop link the transition should be painless for you because our developer partners will be doing the transitioning work for you.

Will my mShop have product-specific URLs?

Currently you’ll only have one mShop link for your entire shop. At this time, there are no product-specific URLs. Your mShop link will look like this:

We are looking at having product specific URLs for Smolpotato 2.0.