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Sell More as a Smol Potato

Sell More as a Smol Potato

There’s so much you have to get right as a smol business owner. You have to be good at marketing, design, photography, writing, and customer service on top of making sure your goodies are amazing. That’s why we’ve started this learning series called Rise of the Smol Potato as a way to get you the knowledge and the skills to do well as a smol business.

In the first episode of Rise of the Smol Potato, we talk about, “Why Aren’t People Buying,” and what you can do as a small business owner to sell more.

You can also follow us on IG: @riseofthesmolpotato to be updated on new content.

Till we see you in the next episode, take care of others, take care of yourself.

Edmond Yap

Edmond Yap

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I'm the co-founder of Smolpotato and I look forward to helping you grow to become big potatoes.

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