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Bring Your Neighbours TogetherBring Smolpotato to your community and champion the neighbour-help-neighbour movement.

Like a gotong-royong, in order for Smolpotato to work, we need the community to come together. When you encourage and help your neighbours to sign up on Smolpotato, more people buy, sell, and rent within your neighbourhood. Helping to keep money circulating within your community.

If you’d like to sell something or offer a service, more people can buy from you. If you’re a user, you have more options to choose from. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Want to bring Smolpotato into your community? Let’s start with the poster below.

Print and paste this poster in your neighbourhood

Once you get a green light from your condo’s management or community leader, print and place this A4 size poster on the notice board. Let’s do this!

Other ways to champion Smolpotato

If printing and pasting this poster is not for you, don’t worry. You can always champion Smolpotato in many other ways.

Share the digital poster

Click here to download the digital poster. Share it on your social media accounts or through WhatsApp. Whatever is convenient to you.

Share Smolpotato's website

If it’s easier for you, share our website with your neighbours. If you don’t know your neighbours, that’s ok too. Share it with your family and friends!

Follow and share Smolpotato Facebook page

It’s ok if you don’t know your neighbours or anyone in your community. You can still champion Smolpotato by sharing our Facebook page to your connections. As long as you’re spreading the words, you’re helping us.

Use tag and hashtag in your Instagram post

Posting up your Smolpotato listing on Instagram too? Tag your location and use hashtag #wearesmolpotatoes and #smolpotato.

Thank You!We thank you for being a good neighbour and for doing this for your community. You are awesome!